States: Arkansas

Episode 603
State(s): Arkansas

Taking the long view, private landowners in Arkansas manage their forests to supply a growing market for sustainable wood products.

A rugged mountain range in southern Arizona provides a home for a major military base and communities that value the lifestyle and magical beauty of the landscape. Bobwhite quail suffer serious decline in Kentucky, where native grasses have been replaced by exotics for cattle pastures and conservationists try to reverse the damage. Private landowners in Arkansas manage their forests to supply a growing market for sustainable wood products. Once reviled and exterminated, wolves in Yellowstone National Park are now widely recognized as essential to a balanced ecosystem.

Episode 503
State(s): Arkansas

After an industrial-scale hog farm is built close to the Buffalo National River in Arkansas, local residents are alarmed by the serious threat of pollution.

Wilderness Anniversary: Marking the fiftieth anniversary of the Wilderness Act, we explore its origins and success in protecting more than 100 million acres of unspoiled natural wilderness, a distinctly American achievement. There are still many more areas of wild nature that deserve protection, and the Wilderness Act remains an essential law in the cause of conservation.

Arkansas Oil Pipeline: In March, 2013, a rupture in a buried oil pipeline surprised suburban homeowners in Mayflower, Arkansas by flooding their streets with crude oil. Many of them didn’t even know there was a pipeline under their yards. To find out more about this event, we offer a two-part investigative story co-produced with Inside Climate News, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporting unit.

Fungi Fuel: We meet a scientist in Montana who searches the globe for botanical specimens, discovering fungi and bacteria in the tissues of some plants that can be converted into a diesel-like fuel.

In March, 2013, ExxonMobil’s Pegasus pipeline ruptured, emptying 210,000 of diluted bitumen crude oil in Mayflower, Arkansas. Most residents didn’t know they were living above or near a hazardous pipeline. A co-production with InsideClimate News.

After the pipeline rupture in Mayflower, Arkansas, residents and local authorities worry about the pipeline’s threat to their water supplies. A co-production with InsideClimate News.