R.B., Ohio

“We are really enjoying [the series]! I have added a lot of destinations to my “bucket list”!”

M.H., North Carolina

“Just saw my third episode in a week on UNC TV. This one was bears, solar landfills, sea trails and dead zones. You have a new fan. Doing a great job, PBS is missing a show like yours. I believe you have found a niche, especially with PBS viewers, that needed to be filled and […]

R.D., Oklahoma

“Loved the show. I set it to DVR so I don’t miss an episode. ”

K.W., Arizona

“Just saw your PBS series today, for the first time on KAET-TV Phoenix. LOVE IT. ”

M.H., North Carolina & Kentucky

“I had to watch the Alaska Oil Episode twice to digest all of it…you asked previously what we would like to see in the upcoming season. I want more episodes like this! ”

C.L., Georgia

“We saw This American Land tonight and think everyone who loves our U.S.A. will love it. ”

B.C., Oklahoma

“We have really enjoyed the series so far. Keep up the good work! ”